Kathy’s Solo English Channel Swim

Meet Kathy Stevenson, a true inspiration and a dedicated swimmer who is about to embark on an incredible journey for a cause close to her heart. Kathy is swimming the English Channel to raise funds for Eight Bells, ensuring we can continue providing friendship, support, and a listening ear to people across West Berkshire experiencing mental health issues.

🌊 Kathy’s Story 🌊

“My English Channel swim attempt has been a long time in the making! Over the years, I’ve built up my swimming distance through shorter challenges, and although I didn’t admit it at the time, the EC has always been the goal! The training has been demanding, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey and have learnt a lot about myself.

Please consider donating to Eight Bells in recognition of all the early morning pool swims, teeth-chattering outdoor swims, and hours of supporting exercises! With any luck, around the 10th of July, I’ll get the chance to attempt the swim across the channel – just me swimming alongside my pilot boat with the onboard crew for, I guess, 15-20 hours – depending on the weather!”

Kathy’s dedication and hard work are truly inspiring. Please support her by donating and sharing her story. Every contribution helps ensure that vital mental health support continues for those in need. Every donation made will be matched by The Good Exchange, Greenham Trust.

🌐 Donate Here: https://bit.ly/3VeVFe8

Good luck, Kathy! We’re all cheering for you! 🏊‍♀️💪💚

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