FMH Activities

An awe-inspiring Arts and Crafts session on Monday mornings got the week off to a positive start. Our amazing volunteer, Mel Spedding, gave members a serious boost to their well-being. There were so many cool things to do – painting, colouring, making decorations out of clay, and even turning old jars and tins into gorgeous containers.

Thank you to MOVEability for their incredible support on Thursday mornings. Debbie and her team have been providing members with an accessible and inclusive workout program that helps boost their physical and mental well-being. 

We were delighted to have Jacky lead an arts and crafts session on a Thursday morning, inspiring members with her creativity and enthusiasm. We are thrilled to announce that Jacqui will be returning to work with us again in May, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful ideas and projects she will bring to the table.

Members were thrilled to participate in a stained glass workshop in March creating some truly remarkable pieces.

Members enjoyed a delightful visit from Sarah @Dinky Ponies with her gorgeous dinky therapy ponies, George and Tinker, at a Friday Eight Bells drop-in session. They had a wonderful time grooming and enjoying the company of these relaxed ponies. It was a fun and therapeutic hour that truly helped improve their well-being. Thank you, Sarah and the ponies, for bringing such joy to the day! 

Sport In Mind has been amazing at organising some physical activities for members to take part in. They organised a fun archery session in our garden. A lucky group of members got to go horse riding at Hamstead Marshall Equestrian Centre – needless to say, that caused quite a stir of excitement!

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